DSC_8313-e1402350999385I am Queen of the start and stop!
Being an Air Force wife and entrepreneur I have started my business in several locations only to have to stop and pick it up to start over somewhere else. I was pregnant with my daughter while working on my bachelors full time and starting my styling business in Japan (many years ago). Talk about a lot to do! In an effort to spread the word about my business I put myself out there. Yep, I talked to everyone attended workshops, spoke at seminars, and worked events. I pounded the pavement to talk to whomever about my business. I read every book I could get my hands on while working on my startup. Making mistakes along the way, but I quickly learned the art of networking effectively. Learning how to network like a pro!

I have Tried Everything!
I tried to play catch up with each new base we moved to. Trying all manner of workshops and programs (wasting money) only to discover I had as much or more information than they did and a lot of the information I was taking in was 3-6 months old. That is ancient in the online world! I quickly had to learn how to sift through data and all the tomfoolery out there, to get to what I needed to grow my business. After spending a ridiculous amount of money on programs on top of 1 certificate and 2 degrees I felt like an over educated dullard. Then I went to my people on facebook and talked with them. That is when it all came together for me. I had women tell me that they could really relate to me, that they looked forward to my posts. At events I would see FB friends and they would tell me about posts that they loved or about an outfit they loved. This was my epiphany! I had to go back and figure out how I did this. That is how the Social CEO Prep was born! Click here to learn more about my one-on-one coaching programs //here//.


I understand Personal Style.
I truly have always loved clothes and shoes. It is a family thing, I have artists, fashion designers, and straight up Divas in my family. I understand that first impressions can make or break you. They are opportunities that people can miss if you are not aware of how you are perceived. I started my journey as a graphics illustrator in the Air Force then opened my own fashion styling company when I left the military, personal shopping and styling military spouses overseas! I have a blast and love this industry. I then focused my skills on helping entrepreneurs cultivate an image and personal style that works for the life they lead. I wrote a book called the “Stylish Mom: A Moms Guide to Everyday Style” for all my baby mommas out there! To pre-order the book click //here//


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