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 By: Heather Jadus

Unexpectedkindness is themost

Spring is almost here!  Open your windows!  Get the cleaning supplies out! (wear a mask and gloves please), but what about your body.  Does your body need a spring cleaning too?  It sure does!  Here are 10 ways to get it done! (more…)

Thirty-One Wallet Review


All About the BenjaminsHello Luv,

As promised here is my Thirty-One “All about the Benjamins” Wallet review! I am enjoying this wallet. Honestly, I have been surprised by how well it is made. (more…)

5 Signs you need a break



You know when you reach that precipice, when you need a rest, a break, a spa day. Most of us have several balls we are juggling. Kids, work, home are just a few! Think about what you really do in a day or a week. Your planner is full of things for the husband, for the kids, for your business or work, for a charity…but where is the MeTime? We forget to schedule that! (more…)

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