How toHello Luv,

I stumbled across this Into the Gloss feature on Pinterest and I was stunned!!! This made me rethink how I cleanse my face. I am getting up there in age and should take better care of my skin, that is why I have started to blog about beauty products in hopes of motivating me to do better in my daily routine. (more…)

5 Signs you need a break



You know when you reach that precipice, when you need a rest, a break, a spa day. Most of us have several balls we are juggling. Kids, work, home are just a few! Think about what you really do in a day or a week. Your planner is full of things for the husband, for the kids, for your business or work, for a charity…but where is the MeTime? We forget to schedule that! (more…)

Outfit & a Movie: 50 Shades of Grey



Hello Luv,

Yes, I went to see 50 Shades of Grey. No, I have not read the books ( I read 25 pages of the first book thought the writing was horrible and put it down)  and some of you are going to stop reading this blog post about now… 🙂 (more…)

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